2010 – 2015

AvoidTap Series
2010 ~ 2015 Google Play (AvoidTap Reborn) >

A rhythm-arcade game for mobile devices, with using own mp3 files to play game.
Used SoundCloud API for search songs online and play with music into game directly.
Comparing playing stream volume(dB), and game determines which obstacles’s speed and various actions.
Currently, the ranking feature is not working because I forgot backup my old database structures lol

AvoidTap has been released on Play Store and One Store (T Store), but can’t play because of compatibility issue.
AvoidTap Reborn has been launched on Play Store.

Optimized game’s performance with using Starling2D engine and few sprites, performing 60fps on Optimus 2x. (The first dual-core android phone)

Game play video

Compare 2011 Edition with 2014 develop Edition (Korean) >
Migration from Flash CC to FlashDevelop with Starling Engine (Korean) >

Language: ActionScript 3.0 (with Adobe AIR SDK), JAVA (for AIR Native Extension), PHP 5
Framework: Adobe AIR, Starling Framework
Target Platform: Android Only (Alpha stage released for iOS, and finished on 2016)
Default vector engine by Adobe Flash on 2010~2012 Edition
Starling2D engine on AvoidTap Reborn


UP: A new way to wake up
AVN Graphic, 2016 ~ Promotion page >

An alarm application for iOS devices. Beta stage has been finished couple years ago.
Infinite loop alarm sounds with using Local Notification and iOS Background mode, until beat a game.

Comparing iOS system alarm and UP: A new way to wake up (Korean)

Also our team (AVN Graphic) introduced on KBS (Korean TV Channel) with our project.
This project will restart at 2019.

Language: swift
Engine: GameKit (iOS)



asked for iOS
Mobions Media, 2017~2018 App Store >

Company project. Client only.
Anonymous question & answer SNS. Featured by Apple in Today’s theme.

Language: swift 4